Character Creation Guidelines

Use D&D 3.5, including any WotC sources you like. We’ll also make use of the 3.5 Planescape Campaign Setting, although the game will be set pre-Faction War. Play any character you want. Always wanted to play a Pixie, Treant, or Vrock? Go grab Savage Species and be my guest. Want to multiclass with Truenaming and Incarnum magic? Go for it. Warforged artificer from Eberron? Half-Elf Harper from Faerun? Raistlin Majere’s second cousin twice removed? Do so with my blessing.

Keep in mind, however, that powergaming will likely get you nowhere. Planescape is a setting where your alignment is every bit as important as your class, and where fighting everything you see is likely to get you mazed, flayed, killed, poisoned, banished to another plane, and served up for lunch in a slophouse in the Baatezu city of Dis. To put it more explicitly: this is not a game about killing things and taking their stuff. You have absolute freedom to put whatever stats you like on your character, but be forewarned that cleverness and good roleplaying are what actually count. Many have called Planescape the setting most clearly influenced by White Wolf-style storytelling games, and I tend to run it that way. Come up with an interesting character and make your character sheet reflect that. You will probably be disappointed if you make a mechanically amazing character as a primary goal and a character that’s fun to roleplay as an afterthought, because most of the game will be roleplay oriented.

To make your character, please:
  • Roll 4d6 and drop the lowest die six times. Arrange to suit. You can use an online dice roller or roll the dice yourself; I’ll trust you on this.
  • Roll starting gold based on your class. When purchasing starting equipment, please only purchase what your character can carry on his person, for reasons which will be obvious in the first four seconds of the game. No mounts or pack animals just yet.
  • Start your character at level 1. If you’d like to play a race with a +1 Level Adjustment, you may start with an NPC class and replace that with a PC class when you hit 2nd level. For higher Level Adjustments, use the Savage Species rules and find or create a monster class.
  • Post a character sheet in any way you prefer. I like Myth Weavers, personally.

I recommend that you play a “clueless” character, one who has not done much traveling around the planes. The most suitable sort of character for this game will be a “prime”, someone from one of the many prime material worlds. It’s more fun to discover the setting by doing, rather than by rolling Knowledge checks all the time. Still, you’re welcome to play a character with some experience in the planes if you’d like to, particularly if you’re already familiar enough with the planes to roleplay that effectively. The opening adventure will bring your character out into the planes, so there’s no need to come up with a backstory that explains how you got there.

Generally any sort of character personality is fine, but please avoid:
  • Characters without any particular beliefs or goals. Planescape is about the power of belief to change the universe; characters without beliefs aren’t very interesting.
  • Characters that cannot get along with other players’ characters. Conflicting alignments can work so long as your character has some desire to stay amicable with his comrades. No lone wolves, please.
  • Characters that cannot function in a range of tones. Your character should be playable in dramatic scenes as well as comedic scenes. No one likes a wet blanket, and a character that’s entirely comic relief becomes tiresome quickly.
  • Characters with multiple personalities. Just a personal pet peeve from a previous player.

Character Creation Guidelines

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